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Faculty Services: HBR Case Studies & Articles

This guide outlines library resources and services available to GGU faculty including: how to place course materials on reserve, arrange for a librarian class visit, search library resources, and much more.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) Course Packs

Harvard Business Review (HBR) Course packs

Graduate vs. Undergraduate distinction: 

Refer questions concerning new student inquiries, instructor syllabi, and textbook adoptions to:

Getting Started

Are you using HBR materials in your reading lists?

Whether you are using library course reserves, or a school-facilitated Case Study Coursepack, see the tab Syllabi & Library Statement for suggested communications that will help reduce confusion and increase student success. 

Where can I find HBR case studies and articles?

The Business Library database Business Source Complete has many HBR cases studies and articles. The library provides a research guide designed to help students and faculty locate the limited selection of free HBR articles in Business Source Complete. The research guide provides easy to follow instructions and includes a short video. A link to the research guide can be added to library course reserves to facilitate the search process. For articles and case studies not available via Business Source Complete, GGU instructors can set up HBR Course Packs by contacting their respective schools. The library does not manage HBR coursepacks. 

How do I search for HBR case studies & articles?

We encourage you to use the Harvard Business Review research guide and share the link with students . You can also contact the library if you need assistance. 

What can I do? I can't find the HBR case study I want in the library database.

Consider setting up a HBR Course Pack for your students. The Business Library does not administer coursepacks. 


If I don't use HBR case studies, are there other sources for case studies? 

Yes. There are many! Check out the research guide for Case Studies.

Need help? Ask us!

Harvard Business Publishing Coursepacks

Harvard Business Publishing Coursepacks

Harvard Business Publishing supports educators' use of their case studies and articles by providing a website and free educator accounts.

Instructors provide students with a coursepack URL in a syllabus and/or eLearning. A coursepack URL expires at the end of every term - it can be refreshed, producing a new URL. Students must purchase all items you select as Required reading. If you flag items as Optional, students have purchase options.

At GGU, HBR coursepacks are set up and administered by the Graduate and Undergraduate schools, not the Business Library.

Coursepacks. The original location for this information is the research guide: Harvard Business Review.

HBR Coursepack URL
If your instructor created a HBR coursepack, you will find the coursepack URL in the syllabus and/or within eLearning.

Can't find the URL? Ask your instructor.

First time? Click the URL and Register. Create your own username and password.

Login and view the coursepack.

Coursepacks may include articles, case studies, video, and chapters. Look for the PURCHASE COURSEPACK button at the top of the the main box.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean - EXPIRED??

Don't panic. A coursepack URL only expires at the end of the term. Contact your instructor.

Do I need to BUY everything?

Yes and no! All items flagged as Required readings must be purchased - all at once. If articles are flagged as Optional - you can decide to purchase or not.

What is the advantage of a coursepack?

With a coursepack you don't need to search and hunt for the articles and cases studies. Most HBR articles and cases studies are not freely available outside of the HBP website. There is an educational discount for coursepack items - typically around 50%.

Harvard Business Review & Copyright

Harvard Business Publishing has very strict guidelines for copyright. It is important to understand that general fair use practices do not apply to HBR.

To avoid copyright infringement:

  • HBR case studies and articles should not be copied from library databases and distributed or shared with a class. Do not create direct links or post URLs for HBR articles and cases studies within any online environment, including course reserves and eLearning (Moodle).

It is acceptable to post coursepack URLs, and to post a link to GGU course reserves which can be set up to access to the Harvard Business Review research guide. This is a guide designed to support students searching for articles and case studies in the library database Business Source Complete.

  • Do not share PDFs or print and disseminate HBR case studies or articles to a class.
  • HBR case studies and articles may not be requested through Interlibrary loan.

Harvard Business Publishing statement:

All HBP content is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or distributed, whether in print or electronic form, without permission of Harvard Business School Publishing.


Harvard Business Publishing prohibits the collecting/posting of case, article, or chapter files on "e-reserve" course pages or institutional platform/databases. Only approved coursepack or institutional access links to content may be posted for student use unless otherwise authorized. Authorized links musts be password-protected, accessible only to students in the course, and taken down at the end of the course.

For more information: Copyright Permission