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Case Studies: Introduction

This guide lists websites and databases containing case studies including where to purchase Harvard Business Review Case Studies. Also provided are search tips for locating case studies.


Case Study: an intensive analysis of an individual unit (such as a business, person or community) stressing developmental factors in relation to environment.

This guide offers tips on how to research case studies. For the purposes of this guide and the needs of GGU staff, case study resources include, not only teaching case studies, but articles/chapters that describe organizations' real situations and how they dealt with issues, solved problems, etc.

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Searching for Harvard Business Review Case Studies

Case Studies from Harvard Business Publishing (including Harvard Business Review) are frequently part of class assignments.

It is important to understand that Harvard Business Publishing places restrictions on the use of their articles and case studies. Typical fair use exceptions to copyright for educational purposes do not fully apply. Read this box for details. Learn how to access case studies and avoid copyright infringement. 

Click the tabs above for other case study options: Library Resources -- Websites

Students & Instructors searching for HBP case studies

Some case studies may be found using the library database Business Source Complete.


  1. From the library homepage, use the Journal Finder search box.
  2. Type: Harvard Business Review.
  3. In the next screen, under the heading Harvard Business Review, select the link: Business Source Complete
  4. Another page will open with the title Publication Details, click the link "Search Within This Publication."
  5. Business Source Complete is now open. In the second search box type: case studies  

Need more help?

Find & purchase case studies at HBP:  - Click: CASE STUDIES

Anyone can purchase and use a case study for the purpose of individual study. Prices start at $9. If an instructor sets up a a Course Pack, students receive a discount. To access course packs, instructors provide students with login details.

Course Pack information for students: click here to learn how it works, and how to access.

Attention Instructors

Harvard Business Publishing supports educators' use of their case studies by providing a website and free educator accounts. Through these accounts, instructors set up Course Packs and provide login information to their students - making it easily for students to locate the required documents, and receive discounts on their purchases.

Harvard Business Publishing for Educators

Learn how your students access and use Course Packs. Click here.

Harvard Business Publishing case studies may not be:

All of these activities infringe on HBP copyright.

  • Make copies of HBP case studies from library databases and distribute (no handouts, no direct links, no PDF)
  • Borrow or purchase HBP case studies through the Library Interlibrary Loan Department
  • Posted HBP case studies in course resources (no direct links, or PDF)
  • Posted HBP case studies in eLearning modules (no direct links, or PDF)

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