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Country Research: Country Risk

This guide lists books, databases and websites on country research including country financial risk resources, exchange rates and an extensive list of "doing business in…" country guides. General research tips are also provided.


There are a variety of sources you can use to determine a country's risk factor for investment purposes or new business opportunities. Such analyses may be evaluating a country's social, economic, political, environmental, intellectual property or financial risk.

Search Tips:
  • Several reputable web sites provide analysis and reports that are freely available on the internet.
  • The Business Library also has books & journals available in the print collection that can provide some insight.
  • While many of the resources listed in this guide will provide an overview of the country in question, it is up to you to interpret the information and come to your own conclusions regarding the risk factors involved with any given country.
  • Risk analysis can be an inexact science - please consult with your instructor for guidance if you are unsure how to interpret the information you find.

Library Databases

Below are some key library databases that provide country risk analysis.  


Below are some links to reputable web sites that provide country risk analysis.  


Below are a few items in the Business Library book collection that may be of interest. You can also browse the Country Risk subject in the online library catalog to find additional books that may be of interest.


Use the library's Journal Finder to access the following title:

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