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Company Research: Company Overviews & Profiles

This guide lists recommended databases and websites to use for company research including resources that provide information on company financials, overviews, articles, SWOT analyses, ratios, organization charts and historical company data.

Company websites

Pros: Easy to find with Google, very relevant information, may have rich content (annual report, mission statement, etc.)

Cons: May have very little useful content, purpose of site is positive PR for company so info is NOT objective

Bottom line: Check your company's website but keep in mind that it's just one side of the story!

Q: What if I can't find my company's mission or objectives on their website?
A: Companies are not required to share this information with the public. If you have searched all the "about us" and "for investors" links and cannot find the information you need, it probably means that it isn't there. Try searching the databases listed below with your company name in one search box and "mission statement" in another. This might help you indirectly find the information you're looking for.

Organizational Structure

Corporate organization charts may be proprietary information. In some cases, a company may opt to publish them in their annual report or SEC 10-K filing. Given how quickly companies move employees around, any organization chart that you find on the web is likely to be outdated...

One possibility would be to contact the company directly, explain why you need the information and how you'd use it (e.g., educational purposes, term paper, etc.), and see if they can provide you with anything. Beyond that, the following sources may also be helpful.

If you wish to piece together a list of executives' names and job functions, use the following databases:

Company Overview Resources

Each of the resources listed below provide access to company overviews, such as a profile or report. For additional resources, please ask a librarian!

If searching for what is popularly known as a "Hoover's" company record, you can approach this 2 ways: 

One Stop Report in D&B Hoovers database (see above) will give you this information and more. Or,
searching Nexis Uni database by "A Publication" and entering in just "Hoover's" will give you 4 choices; then search  within that chosen publication for the desired company.