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Company Research: Private Companies

This guide lists recommended databases and websites to use for company research including resources that provide information on company financials, overviews, articles, SWOT analyses, ratios, organization charts and historical company data.


Looking for Information on Private Companies?

Researching various aspects of private companies, and even subsidiaries/divisions of public companies, can be a challenging task.

Since private companies generally do not have to report their financials, or because they may be small or in industries that don't get much press coverage, you may have to dig deeper and employ some creative methods to create a profile of the entity.

Also, public parent companies generally do not have to break out information on their subsidiaries/divisions. Sales/revenue figures may be self-reported and could differ greatly from one source to another. It is a good idea to use more than one resource for such figures to see if they match somewhat.

This page will suggest the GGU databases that may help in your search, and then a variety of strategies you could try utilizing to piece together useful information. You should still first search the GGU databases found under the other tabs of this Company Research guide.


Strategies checklist for compiling info on private companies

Search these databases, which include private companies:


For tech companies:
If there are possible legal, regulatory or safety issues concerning the company:
Researching a franchise?

See also the "Company Directories/Rankings" page of this Research Guide.