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EMPA (Executive Master of Public Administration)

A guide for students in the Executive Master of Public Administration program.

Topic Overviews

Begin your research by reading a broad subject overview that will provide a framework for understanding the topic. Try these databases to find brief histories, important statistics, and related authoritative information.

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Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries

Provides information about the inception, emergence and current status of new and established industries and business segments that are pioneering new technologies, introducing break-through marketing strategies or implementing innovative means of serving new markets.

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The SAGE Handbook of Public Administration

Explores the current state-of-the-art in academic thinking and the current structures and processes for the administration of public policy, with new chapters that reflect emerging issues and changes within the public sector.

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Handbook of Public Administration

Intended to help both public administration students and practitioners navigate administrative challenges, overcome obstacles, and improve effectiveness, this guide provides a complete overview of the entire field.

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Guide to California Government

Designed to engage and inform readers by emphasizing the public’s role in California government.

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Local and Regional Government Information

Offers strategies for locating local and regional government information, including what to look for, how and where to search, and what to expect.

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Encyclopedia of American Industries

Provides detailed, comprehensive information on a wide range of industries in every realm of American business: manufacturing, agriculture, mining, utilities, construction, wholesale, retail, transportation, information, finance, insurance, real estate, public administration, and service industries

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Mastering Public Administration

The combination of biographical narrative with explanation and analysis makes abstract theories understandable while showing how subject scholars relate to each other in their work, providing much needed context.

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The Next Public Administration

Explores public administration in the past, present and future, critically reviewing the modernization of public management reform while reasserting public administration as an integral component of democratic governance and fostering a state-citizen relationship.

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California Politics and Government

Gives insight into real-life politics as it vividly illustrates the complex principles at work in state government.

Featured Publication

Public Administration Review

Public Administration Review (PAR), a bi-monthly professional journal, has been the premier journal in the field of public administration research, theory, and practice for 75 years.  It is published for the American Society for Public Administration,TM/SM and is the only journal in public administration that serves both academics and practitioners interested in the public sector and public sector management. Articles identify and analyze current trends, provide a factual basis for decision making, stimulate discussion, and make the leading literature in the field available in an easily accessible format. With articles on a wide range of topics and expert book reviews, PAR is exciting to read and an indispensable resource.