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This guide outlines library resources and services available to GGU faculty including: how to stream videos, place course materials on reserve, arrange for a librarian class visit and much more.

Welcome Faculty!

The GGU Library is an important, professional resource for our faculty. We encourage you to enhance your GGU experience by making use of our online and print collections, as well as services. 

How we can help you:

  • Librarians visit classes (both in-person and online) to provide resources and guidance for your coursework and specific assignments.
  • We meet with your students for individual and group research help.
  • We create research guides tailored to your subjects and specific classes.
  • We place required and recommended readings on your Course Reserves page, so students have easy access to them.
  • We give workshops that help to enrich your teaching experience.
  • We meet with you to introduce library services and to discuss the best ways of helping your students.

Want to learn more?  Stop by and see us!

GGU Librarians have the expertise to help you navigate the tools and resources that will make your research and teaching more effective and efficient. Contact the reference desk to schedule an appointment or suggest a workshop topic!

Find Your Departmental Liaison

The library offers research assistance by appointment, in addition to the drop-in service at the Reference Desk.  Contact your library liaison to arrange for an appointment or a class visit.





James Krusling | (415) 442-7248

Business Analytics

James Krusling | (415) 442-7248


Larry Burg | (415) 442-7250


Jennifer Weiser | (415) 442-7258


Allegra Porter | (415) 442-7247

Human Resources Management

James Krusling | (415) 442-7248

Information Technology Management

James Krusling | (415) 442-7248


Larry Burg | (415) 442-7250


Allegra Porter | (415) 442-7247

Operations Management

Jennifer Weiser | (415) 442-7258


Allegra Porter | (415) 442-7247

Project Management (PMP)

Jennifer Weiser | (415) 442-7258


Jennifer Weiser | (415) 442-7258

Public Administration (Undergraduate & EMPA)

Allegra Porter | (415) 442-7247

Public Relations

Allegra Porter  I (415) 442-7247


James Krusling | (415) 442-7248

Undergraduate Programs (UGP, Math & Science, Liberal Studies, English, Lit. Comm.)

Jennifer Weiser | (415) 442-7258

General Business Reference - All areas

Larry Burg | (415) 442-7250

Instant Message

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