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Case Studies: Databases

This guide lists websites and databases containing case studies including where to purchase Harvard Business Review Case Studies. Also provided are search tips for locating case studies.

Library Databases

Find case studies using the library databases on many topics, such as Business, Psychology, Public Administration, etc.
It's easy when you use Journal Finder.

Option 1: Search by a journal title for case studies.

Start at the Business Library homepage. Look for the SEARCH E-JOURNALS search box.

Type in the SEARCH E-JOURNALS search box and enter the title of the journal. Select the database from the dropdown. Click Search within this publication.

Consider these journals:

  • Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases
  • International Journal of Management Cases : IJMC
  • Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies
  • Business Case Journal
  • Journal of Critical Incidents

Option 2: Find journal titles and then search for case studies.

In the SEARCH E-JOURNALS search box type case studies or case research. Browse the journal title list and select a title - click the database (under the Journal's name). Click Search within this publication.

Click Search within this publication. The database opens.

Now, click search and browse the full list of available case studies. Filter by publication year.

Add a simple keyword to focus your search on your area of interest. Keep the concept broad: management, strategic, discrimination, information management.


Search tips for the library catalog & databases:

  • Keyword search: Add quotation marks to group significant words together. For example: "case studies" "supply chain".
  • Filter your results: If the database has the menu option, select case studies. For example, Business Source Complete. Advanced Search screen - Publication Type - Case Studies.
  • The term "case study" often appears in the document title- try adding "case study" to a title search
  • Try searching with various terms, case study or case studies; or use punctuation to find all forms - type this: case stud*

Library Databases

Business Library Databases with case studies: