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Accessing Library Databases: Common Problems & Solutions

This guide provides information on logging in to the library databases.

Common Problems & Solutions

I'm affiliated with the Business School, but I can't access the library databases.

You must log in to the Library databases using your myGGU account username and password.  If you are a current student and do not have a myGGU acount please contact the Helpdesk at  If you are alumni or a non-current DBA student contact for access. 

What is OpenAthens?

The library uses a product called OpenAthens to control access to most of the library databases. It's not a database, but instead a login page for the library.  You will not be logging directly into OpenAthens but will instead use your myGGU credentials to authenticate when prompted.

I'm a Law student. Can I access the Business Library databases?

Licensing agreements restrict which cohorts of students can access Business Library resources. Law students may be provided with limited access to particular resources on an as-needed basis. Contact:

I was using a library database and got a message saying that my session has expired.

This sometimes happens after a period of keyboard inactivity. Return to the A-Z Database list and click on the database web link to start again. Some databases have a limited number of concurrent users. If you get a message stating that the database is unavailable, try again at a later time.

I don't know my GGU identification number.

Your GGU ID number is located on the front of your GGU ID card.

Firewalls & Browsers


If you are trying to connect to a library database from work, there may be a firewall or filtering software preventing access. Please contact the Information and Technology department at your workplace to check. If you are accessing library resources from home, please consult with the reseller or organization that configured your computer to see if they can help you reconfigure your computer.

Browser Settings

Sometimes browser settings can cause problems with the library databases. Most of our databases require these settings to work well:

  • Clear history/cache on your computer
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Pop-ups must be allowed

Try a different browser if you still can't connect. Certain browsers do not connect well with specific databases.


How to clear the Firefox cache


Clear Chrome cache & cookies in Chrome


Clear the history and cookies from Safari on your Mac

Internet Explorer

View and delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

View and delete your browsing history in Microsoft Edge