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Faculty Services: Instruction

This guide outlines library resources and services available to GGU faculty including: how to place course materials on reserve, arrange for a librarian class visit, search library resources, and much more.

Information Literacy Explained

Information literacy matters

Information Literacy: "Recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information." — American Library Association

Why information literacy matters at GGU: There have been countless studies documenting the need for information literacy at school and at work. Yet studies also show that students, and by extension, graduates, are not using information effectively.

“Fostering student success”: The Business Library strongly believes that information literacy is an essential element in a comprehensive, high quality education. Student improvement also benefits faculty as these necessary skills are reflected in higher-quality work, and can provide lifelong benefits.

Course Development

Do you want your students to use high quality resources?

When you are developing curriculum or planning a course, librarians can help you identify the resources needed, including textbooks, recommended readings, and web sites. If we do not have what you need in our library collection, it may be possible to order new library resources that support your classes.

Invite us Virtually to Your Classes

Course-related library instruction

Invite us to your classes to provide information literacy instruction tailored to resources your students need to do quality research. We can be available via Zoom with advanced notice for library orientations and course-specific library resource instructional sessions. We offer follow-up opportunities for students as they work on their assignments.

Send Instruction requests to: Please email   

Teaching tools

Librarian presentations give your students a chance to get to know the library team and to learn about important services and resources. Instruction includes information evaluation techniques and real-world searching skills and strategies for navigating research online. Students benefit from these instruction sessions given the direct relationship to their coursework.

Library Research Guides - What is a research guide? It's a way of providing research tips, books, articles, and other resources in an easy to use format. Browse our complete list of research guides and consider adding some of them to the materials you provide to your students.

Research Assistance Policy

An an academic library we are focused on teaching students information literacy skills which support research endeavors now and lifelong learning after graduation. We encourage students to become independent learners by demystifying the research process and demonstrating the strategies and resources needed to excel at GGU.

The library does not review student work. For writing assistance, please visit GGU's Online Writing Lab. Clarification of assignment expectations should be submitted to Instructors directly.

Business Library - Policies.