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Database Troubleshooting Guide: Secure Connection Failed

This guide identifies and provides solutions to common database access problems including login and browser specific issues.


When accessing a GGU database that requires a secure connection, Firefox 3 and later may display an error and deny access to the site. To access the database, you must add a security exception for the site to Firefox.


To fix the problem, do the following when the error occurs in Firefox:

1. Click the Or you can add an exception... link in the Secure Connection Failed dialog box:

error dialog box #1

2. Click the Add Exception button:

error dialog box #2

3. Click the Get Certificate button:

error dialog box #3

4. Make sure the Permanently store this exception box is selected
5. Click the Confirm Security Exception button:

error dialog box #4

GGU Business Library uses a security certificate which will help eliminate security exception errors on the browsers.  However, when database vendors choose to move to a secure site we usually don't learn about that move in advance. The process to add their new link to our certificate can take up to three weeks. In the meantime, please use the above procedure to permanently store the exception on your browser. 

Note: These steps must be repeated (only once) for every database that reports the error. 


If none of the information in this guide resolves your problem, please contact the Business Library Reference Desk:


Contact Us

Please be sure to include the following information:


  • Browser name & version
  • Name of database/resource,
  • Specific steps taken,
  • Specific error messages seen,
  • Time & date of error,
  • Your location (home, work, etc.).