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Database Troubleshooting Guide

This guide provides solutions to the most common library database problems.

Getting Started

The databases and online services provided by the Business Library are licensed resources available for academic research to currently enrolled Golden Gate University students, faculty, and staff. This guide provides solutions to the most common database problems.

Database Use Guidelines:

  • The databases provided are licensed resources that are restricted to currently enrolled Golden Gate University students, faculty, and staff.
  • These tools are intended for academic research.
  • Alumni may use the databases on site. Unfortunately, our service contracts generally limit remote access.
  • The use of the databases are covered by separate agreements for each resource.  
  • Fair use, copyright law rights, and ADA compliance are included.
  • Database service contracts may place restrictions on use of some content for course packs, interlibrary loan, and/or course reserve.


OpenAthens Logo

The Business Library is moving to a new product called OpenAthens for database access and authentication.


OpenAthens is an identity management service that provides access to the library's licensed databases and online resources. OpenAthens single sign-on technology is replacing the library's aging authentication system called Web Access Management (WAM), providing users with a more secure and seamless experience accessing information through the library's paid subscriptions.

We are gradually transitioning the databases to OpenAthens. Some online resources have not yet configured their resources for OpenAthens authentication. Others we are moving more slowly to allow the campus community time to adjust to this big change. Check the A-Z Databases list. Databases accessible through OpenAthens have a small purple logo next to the database name.


Privacy Notice

OpenAthens collects detailed statistics on which library resources are being accessed by users. The library will use this aggregate data to evaluate the usage of licensed resources and to better meet the informational needs of the campus community. The library will never share this data with other parties.

Guide Credit: University of San Francisco, Gleeson Library