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Database Troubleshooting Guide: General Problems

This guide identifies and provides solutions to common database access problems including login and browser specific issues.


This guide provides solutions to the most common access issues our patrons encounter. Please review all the information on this page as well as the information located on the issue-specific tabs above.

The databases and online services provided by the Business Library are licensed resources that are restricted to currently enrolled GGU students, faculty and staff and are intended for academic research. Unfortunately, our contracts with these services do not permit the library to provide remote access to alumni or corporate members. On the other hand, alumni are welcome to come to the library and use these resources on site.

Common Problems

When accessing databases from an off-campus location (e.g., work, home), you will be prompted to login with either your GGU4YOU Username and Password OR your  family name and GGU barcode ID number.

catalog login screen

Issue: I'm an active student and can't access databases with either my GGU4YOU login or my family name and GGU ID number!

Solution:Your access may have expired or you may not yet be in the library's authentication system. Please contact us ASAP so that we can investigate.

Issue: I'm faculty and can't access databases with either my GGU4YOU login or my family name and GGU ID number

Solution:Faculty are not automatically added to our authentication system when you are hired.  Please contact the library to verify that we have your information.

Issue: I was using a database and got a message saying that my session has expired.

Solution:This will occur if you have not actively used the database for a period of time. Return to the library database list and click the link to the database to start again.

Issue:  I don't know my family name!

Solution:  Your family name is your last name. Note:If you have recently changed your family name, but not alerted GGU to the change, please login with your previous family name and contact the Registrar's office to request a name change in your student records.

Issue:  I don't know my GGU ID number!  OR The system isn't recognizing my number.

Solution:  Your GGU ID number is printed on your GGU ID card or available from the Profile tab on your GGU4YOU account.  If your ID number isn't reccognized, try adding a zero to the beginning of your ID number if it does not already contain one. For example, if your ID number is 123456, try entering 0123456.

When All Else Fails...

If none of the solutions listed in this guide resolve your problem and a librarian is unavailable to assist you, please try using a different web browser or, if possible, a different computer.

Sometimes web browsers are configured with exceptionally strict security settings that interfere with access to GGU databases and other online services. Alternately, your computer may be protected by a Firewall or Filtering Software that is too aggressive. If you access library databases from a computer provided by your employer, please check with your IT department for assistance. If you are accessing from home, please consult with the reseller or organization that configured your computer to see if they can help you reconfigure your computer.

Lastly, if your web browser is configured to block pop-up windows, deny cookies or disable javascript, you can try temporarily permitting popups, allowing cookies, and enabling javascript while using GGU library databases to see if that solves the problem. Please refer to your web browser's documentation or online help system for assistance configuring such features.


If none of the information in this guide resolves your problem, please contact the Business Library Reference Desk:


Contact Us

Please be sure to include the following information:


  • Browser name & version
  • Name of database/resource,
  • Specific steps taken,
  • Specific error messages seen,
  • Time & date of error,
  • Your location (home, work, etc.).