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Microfinance: Home

This guide lists books, databases and websites about microfinance including suggested search terms to use to locate relevant information.


To best use this guide, use the tabs above to navigate to the different types of resources that may be of interest for your research needs. As always, please leave a comment, fill out the questionnaire to the left or send me an email with any feedback about this guide and the recommended resources.

Many thanks to Unviersity of Pennsylvania Lippincott Library Microfinance Research Guide for the list of resources, some of which have been adapted for use in this guide.

Search Terms

Microfinance is a developing field and the terms used to describe its practices are still evolving. For example, if you only search for "microfinance," database search engines may not know that you are also interested in related concepts such as micro finance, microlending and rural lending. 

For that reason, when conducting your online research, be sure to also search for terms such as:

  • microbanking,
  • microcredit,
  • microsavings,
  • microloan,
  • microlending,
  • microinsurance,
  • rural credit,
  • rural lending,
  • social enterprise,
  • social lending,
  • social entrepreneurship, and
  • social ventures.


Below are a few select articles to help you get started with your microfinance research.

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