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Digital Marketing & E-commerce: Global e-commerce assignment

This guide lists useful books and databases, for the MKT 352 global commerce assignment, where you can find country and market research reports as well as information on e-commerce and emerging markets.

Global e-commerce

Your task:

Pick a country, other than the U.S. or those featured in the assigned reading, and investigate the current nature, scope, and penetration of the internet and e-commerce there.

  • Identify any issues impacting e-commerce.
  • What are the problems and opportunities?
  • Illustrate your summary with facts and examples.
  • Include an overview of the most common uses of the internet in the country, barriers to adoption, governmental or infrastructure constraints.
  • Cite your sources.

Getting Started

Use this guide to help with your global e-commerce research

Take a minute before you dive into your research to plan your strategy. Start by reading a country profile or other background source on your country. Take notes on what interests you and what you still have questions about. 


Try a library search (using Summon) to find reputable sources (articles, ebooks, and more) to support your research.


Click on the tabs above, for information about using the library's databases to get you to the information you need.

Search the Library

 Summon searches most of the Library's resources


Search the Libraries Catalog for books, journals, and more


Journal Finder


Suggested Search Terms

Search Terms

Try a few of these search terms in different databases:

  • electronic commerce
  • e-commerce
  • electronic business
  • internet marketing
  • internet advertising
  • digital marketing
  • digital distribution
  • mobile commerce
  • m-commerce
  • social commerce

Add the country as an additional search term

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