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Faculty, Alumni, & Staff Publications: Business Library

By Lori Silverman

Storytelling & Communication in Management

By Barbara Karlin, Jeffrey Karlin


Edited by Roger Kemp

Homeland Security


Management Books


By Hank Pruden

By Jean V. Claes & Howard L. Martin

California History

By Clint Adams

By Phil Friedman et al

By Mark Noe

By W.H.C. Bassetti et al

By Eric Lee

By Robert F. Bohn

By John Caple

Chapters by Blodwen Tarter

Marketing Communications

The IMC Sourcebook: Readings and Cases in Integrated Marketing Communications

By Joaquin Jay Gonzalez III

By Aundrea Lacy


By Douglas Temple


Real Estate

By Randall Margo

Through the Decades

From the 90s

From the 80s

From the 70s

From the 60s

By H. Eugene Barfield


By William J. Winston

By Michael Becker

By Marianne J. Koch

By Vichit V. Vadakan

By John Ford

By Michael Brito

By Kit Yarrow

Consumer Behavior

United Nations

The United Nations

GGU History

Golden Gate University History

By Malcolm Roy LaPlace

African American History

Edited by Roger Kemp

Community Development

By Francis Clauss

By Hal Sarf


The Arts

Art & Poetry

By Tom Wooldridge


Edited By Roger Kemp

City Planning


Education & Universities

By Don Surath

By Brian M. Harman & Stephanie M. Taglianetti

By Richard Greggory Johnson III

By Egil Krogh

By Janis Bell


By Dan Angel

Books by Dan Angel

Children's Books

By Martin J. Pring

Investment Strategies

By Gilles Poitras


DVD Commentary

By Harry Knight and Walter Stevenson

By Asayehgn Desta & Annabelle Grimm-Marin