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Library Policies: Interlibrary Loan

This guide outlines policies regarding library use and library materials.

Interlibrary Loan

What is Interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary Loan is a formal cooperative agreement among member libraries to share materials.


Why use Interlibrary loan?

You want a book or an article that the GGU library does not have within the databases and collections.

Articles are typically emailed as PDFs.

If you do not attend classes at the main campus, and do not live in San Francisco, the library will mail the Interlibrary Loan materials, and you are responsible for return postage.


What materials may be borrowed?

Books, reports, theses, dissertations, and journal, newspaper, and magazine articles. First check to see if the Business Library has what you are looking for. Need help? Contact us.


How do I request a book or article?

 Fill out the Interlibrary Loan Form (link below).


Who may use Interlibrary Loan?

GGU Business Library provides Interlibrary Loan service to faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students of GGU. Alumni are not eligible.


How much time does it take for my Interlibrary Loan request to arrive?

There is no rush service for Interlibrary Loan. Allow at least a week to two weeks from the time you turn in your requests. If the item is only available out-of-state, or if you request an item during a school holiday, the Interlibrary Loan item may take longer to arrive.


Are there costs involved?

Most transactions are free. If you are off-campus and the Interlibrary Loan item is mailed to your home, you are responsible for paying the return postage. Some articles are not freely available. On these occasions the library will contact you regarding the fee and inquiry if you still want the article.


What information do I need to request a book or article?

Interlibrary Loan Form requires this information:

  • Your full name
  • Student ID #
  • Course number
  • Day and evening phone numbers
  • E-mail Address
  • Mailing address (if we are mailing to you directly - for eLearning students)
  • Complete citation information for the items being requested
  • Book: Author, Title, Year of publication
  • Article: Author, Article Title, Publication Title, Volume, Issue/Number, Date, Page number


How many articles can I request from the same journal?
  • During a single calendar year, a maximum of five articles published within the past five years from any single journal may be requested by the library.
  • During a single calendar year, only one article per issue from any single journal published within the last five years may be requested by the patron.
  • More details are available from the US Copyright Office. Or, contact us.


How will I know when my material has arrived?

You will be notified by email when the item(s) you have requested arrive.


Where do I pick up my Interlibrary Loan item?

If you are taking classes at the San Francisco campus, pick up the item at the Information Desk at the Business Library. If you are off-campus you can have the item mailed to you, and you are responsible for the return postage. Articles will typically be emailed (PDF).


Where do I return books?

Return all Interlibrary Loan books to the Information Desk in the Business Library.

Off-campus students please mail books back to:

Business Library
Golden Gate University
536 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105