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Library Policies: Study Spaces

This guide outlines policies regarding library use and library materials.

Homework Help Policy

  • Group Study Rooms – Rooms are strictly for Student Use. Reservations in advance are not permitted. Law students will have priority access to the group study rooms on the Plaza and Basement floors, but these rooms are available to other students when unoccupied. There is a two-hour time limit for each room, although they can be renewed for another two hours if no one else is waiting. A "group" consists of two or more persons. Those wishing to use a study room should ask for a room key at the Law Library circulation desk on the Plaza level.
  • The Business Library Main Level – will regularly have more activity that may result in a higher level of noise than the Law Library levels. All GGU students who are comfortable with a “conversational” level of noise are welcome to use the Business Library level and those preferring a quieter environment are welcome to use the Law Library levels.
  • The Law Library Plaza & Basement Levels generally – Law students will have priority during law school finals on the Law Library Plaza and Basement floors generally, for quiet study space.
  • Computer Lab Use – Use of the computer labs is restricted to Golden Gate University students only. No food or drink is permitted in the computer labs.