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Library Policies: Computers and Wifi

This guide outlines policies regarding library use and library materials.

Computer Usage in the Library

A few public access computer workstations are available on the main level of the library space. There are also computer labs on the 4th floor of the building as well as the basement level of the library space.

Power outlets are available throughout the library. Please use caution when plugging in your device to avoid tripping hazards.. For your own security and to ensure access for all, please do not leave your computer unattended.

Library staff reserves the right to ask students to cease activities which are not appropriate in a research environment, which interfere with the research activities of others, or which deprive others of needed access to resources.

Wireless Policy

Wireless access is available throughout the library. You must have a valid GGU4You account and a wireless card for access.

The library subscribes to the University's Wireless Policy. For information on configuration, access, and the official University Policy, please visit GGU's Wireless Network FAQ Page found under the > "Student Services" > "Technology" area (GGU4You login required).