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Library Policies: Conduct

This guide outlines policies regarding library use and library materials.

Miscellaneous Policies

  • Conduct Generally – The GGU Libraries strive to provide a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for study and research. Any behavior which is deemed to be disruptive to the orderly operation of the libraries is not permitted.
  • Food & Drink Generally Food and drink are permitted in the libraries, but under no circumstances should consumption of food or drink interfere with the ability of others to conduct their work.
  • Cell Phones and other devices Cell Phones and other devices are permitted in the libraries as long as they do not disrupt the ability of others to conduct their work.
  • Noise Zones – The uppermost level of the library spaces will routinely have a higher noise level than the lower two levels. For those seeking a conversational level of noise it is best to choose the entrance-level floor or a study room. For those seeking quieter areas choose the lower two levels of the library spaces. It is imperative that respect for these zones be observed.