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Harvard Business Review: Find Articles by Topic

This guide provides instructions on how to access Harvard Business Review articles, case studies and other HB Publishing materials.

Getting Started

Need articles? This page will help you find HBR articles on your topic and area of interest.

Learn the skills you need. Click through the tabs Journal Finder, SEARCHING and Search Tips.

Searching for articles in Harvard Business Review

How can I search for HBR articles on a topic?

Step 1: Set up your search using Journal Finder
  • Business Library homepage
  • Look for Journal Finder
  • In the Journal FInder search box type: Harvard Business Review

Step 2: Identify the correct publication.
  • Select the database Business Source Complete

Off-Campus? Login to the Business Library. Request an OpenAthens login.
Step 3: Click the link Search within this publication.

Step 4: Search within Harvard Business Review for your topic.

Next step: click the tab SEARCHING


Identify keywords: discrimination employment discrimination

age discrimination

Start searching!
Go to the Business Library homepage.
Set up your search using Journal Finder.

Here is a quick link to Journal Finder & HBR. Once it opens, click Search within this publication.

Step 1:

Keep it simple. Test out the keywords for the primary topic - your broad idea.

Review the results list for relevancy.

Step 2:

The results list was on topic, but 120 articles are too many to look through.

Now, narrow the search with another keyword.

Not done searching? Need some help? In this box, click the tab Search Tips
Step 3:

Select an article. From the results list, click on the BLUE title to open up the article record.

  • Within the record you will find a PDF (if available), and a CITATION tool.
  • Cite: click and scroll down to APA. Copy/paste the citation into your assignment - check the format for accuracy.
  • Use the other tools to print, save and email.

Can't print? No full text? See the box: Problems?

More? Click the tab in this box Search Tips

1) Basics Search Tips

  • Check your typing and spelling.
  • Add ONE keyword at a time - click search. Review the results list. If the results are on topic add another keyword.
  • Too many results? Limit by Publication Date. Limit by Full Text.
  • Consider organizing the results list by the most recently published articles - newest.

How do I know what keywords to use?

How can I come up with effective keywords?

Use the options in the menu Limit To.

Click Subject: Thesaurus Term or Subject. Click SHOW MORE.


1) Browse these Subject lists to get keyword ideas. Don't check the boxes. Type the word(s) you want to try into a search box.

2) Browse these Subject lists to search by subjects. Click SHOW MORE. Check the boxes that related to your topic. It is recommended to only check a few boxes at a time and review the results list for relevancy. Then check a few more subjects, or delete.

Need more options? Browse other Limit To options - Company, NAICS/Industry.


How do I UNDO the Limit To?

How do I go back to my original results list?

From the Limit To, scroll up to CURRENT SEARCH. Click the BLUE box with the X to delete the Limit To option you tried.

If you want all the Limit To options deleted click CLEAR ALL.

2) Advanced Search Tips - Subject Terms

Advanced Search Tips - Using Boolean Operators

Advanced Search Tips - Searching Using Limiters

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Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed?

I need scholarly and peer-reviewed articles. Can I use HBR articles?

No, Harvard Business Review is a magazine.

HBR is not a scholarly journal. Scholarly and peer-reviewed articles go through a quality control process. Experts and academics in the same field evaluate the research and conclusions presented in an article.

HBR magazine publishes expert opinion articles, not journal articles.

Can't find it?

The only library database with Harvard Business articles is Business Source Complete. Harvard Business Publishing has very strict copyright limitations.

Not all HBR articles have full text and not all titles are included in this database.

The article you want may be in the print edition. On campus? Come to the Business Library and find the article. Sorry we can't copy or scan it for you because of copyright restrictions by HBR. Too far way to visit? Try your local public library!

Need help? Ask us!

What's available?


The Business Library provides online access through the database Business Source Complete - find Harvard Business Review magazine articles dating back to the first issue in 1922 and Harvard Business Review Digital Articles dating back to March 2007.

At the Library

The Business Library has Harvard Business Review in print on the shelf (1990 - present) and in microfilm (1958 - present).

HF5001 .H3

Harvard Business Review

HBR allows some free access online.

Another option is to purchase the item from HBR.

Harvard Business Publishing

Try other Harvard Business Publishing sources 
Use Business Source Complete

Search by title in Journal Finder. Select Search within this publication.

  • Harvard Business Review
  • Harvard Business Review Digital Articles (includes blog)
  • Harvard Management Update (1998-2009)
  • Harvard Management Communication Letter (1999-2006)

Ask A Librarian




Email questions to During open hours Library Staff make every effort to respond promptly; however, replies may take up to 24 hours.


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